Straight Street Services

When you choose Straight Street Event Services as your event production partner, you will have support and counsel in every aspect of your event planning and implementation. Here’s why:

  • As professionals in event production and design for more than 37 years, we recognize that our client relationship is the bedrock for success. Whether you are a veteran event planner or relatively new, whether your needs are vast or modest, we will find the level of relationship that fits your needs and comfort zone, and build from there.
  • We have assembled a vast array of in-house resources (computerized lighting, sophisticated sound systems, video switching and editing equipment, cameras, large-screen projection and much more) that we transport to your venue with great care and expertly assemble to ensure the flawless performance our clients have come to expect.
  • We bring to every event a team led by specialists with deep experience in events just like yours, whether it’s a live music event, a corporate presentation, a stage extravaganza or a new-product debut. Our disciplined crews pay attention to every detail, with the knowledge that one small broken link could cause big problems.
  • Over the years we have developed a wealth of resources to augment those we have in-house, so we are never at a loss to meet rare or exotic needs our clients bring to us.

How distracting and embarrassing are those crackles, gaps and audio distortions as they pour cold water on your perfectly designed presentation! Flawless audio, which is what you want and expect from your event producer, can be tricky. It requires matching exactly the right equipment with your event environment, presenters and entertainers. It usually demands impeccable timing and synchronization with the other program elements. We do that.

Lighting will transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Sophisticated stage lighting for theatre, musical extravaganzas, product presentations or gala events? We do that. Soft, glamorous illumination for just-right atmospheric effects? We do that. Automated lighting effects that match the precise effect you wish to create, exactly when you need it? We do that. Tell us what you need, and our experienced lighting technicians will create it.

Large-screen HD video displays engage people, create interest and generate discussion. Whether it’s capturing highlights of the event itself – performers, speakers, presentations, for example – with live image magnification (IMAG) or engaging attendees with specially prepared, highly focused large-screen presentations, video is a huge asset for your event. Also, videos of your event enable you to reach a much larger audience in remote locations or through webcasting.

Straight Street will arrange to live stream your event anywhere that provides Internet access, greatly expanding your reach and removing barriers that keep people from traveling to your event (and potentially increasing your event-generated revenue as well).

Let us help you transform your space into a brilliant setting for your event. Your special-event dollar goes farther with our creative (but budget-conscious) designers, who will come up with visual effects that will surprise and delight you. We will plan every inch of available space, using the knowledge we have collected over our 37 plus years of designing special events.

No matter how modest or elaborate your special-event audio, video, lighting or digital systems, each has to meet your requirements and together they must blend to create the effect you desire. Our technicians will ensure that the right components are in place for your event and that they will perform seamlessly and flawlessly. This requires skill and experience. We have that.

The event manager must be imaginative, versatile and disciplined. Our years of experience have made us expert in the creative, technical and logistical elements of successful event management. If you wish, we can help you with site planning, supply-chain identification, procurement, scheduling, site design and myriad other aspects leading up to the event, as well as all the supportive audio-visual aspects for the event itself.

Some clients have specific, well-defined ideas for their event while others do not. Straight Street is comfortable with either approach. If you’ve got a solid plan, we’ll complement it by keeping your plan organized, presenting you with potential vendors and making sure everything runs smoothly on event day. If you need help developing a plan, we can present you with options and handle the details for you as well. Our producers have organization and communication skills honed by years of experience – and the patience developed through working with a wide range of client needs.

Live performers can turn an otherwise ho-hum event into something special. Entrance your guests with something magical and memorable. Impress them with your thoughtful approach, delight them by connecting with their imagination. If your event has a theme, Straight Street will work with you to find exactly the right acts to put the icing on the cake.

From start to finish, Straight Street will work with you on your trade show exhibit design, audio-visual plan and presentation. Need live talent? We can arrange that for you. Special technical effects? Sound system? We will make sure everything performs exactly to your specifications. Theme-oriented, technologically advanced display? No problem. You can leave the details to us.

Concerts, festivals and theatrical events require specialized knowledge and experience that have long been a hallmark of Straight Street. Dramatic stage lighting. Image magnification (IMAG). Special effects. Set pieces and stage decoration that unify the production and proclaim its theme. Ensuring that all requirements of performers (usually spelled out in contract riders) are meticulously respected and followed. Every element of your show will get the expert attention it deserves.

Straight Street Equipment:

Our own equipment is all neatly packaged in truck-ready fit, high durability road cases with foam insulated interiors. This ensures minimal transport damage and maximum results on site.

We pride ourselves in having the most efficient load-in, setup, take-down and load-out in the industry. Manpower costs are dramatically reduced and handling damage is nearly non-existent. Our equipment is tested before it goes out and works when used for the event.

We have our own audio, lighting, staging, power and video equipment to cover major music shows and corporate events, up to 5-15,000 people outdoors with exceptional fidelity and function.

Many competitors have lengthy legal disclaimers for their equipment, we don’t. Our equipment works effectively for every event and our staff is technically capable. Lower failure also means lower cost for both us and our clients.