About Us

The History of Straight Street Event Services

Straight Street Event Services was founded 37 years ago, in 1980, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kissner & Associates Inc., provincially incorporated in 1995 and wholly controlled by principal Keith Kissner. The Straight Street division, created in 1997, provides production design and equipment rentals to the corporate and live music fields.

Keith’s reputation as a leading technical designer grew as his Score Systems Ltd. became known for creativity and innovation in stage lighting in the 1980s and early 1990s. Focusing on live music events, he developed lighting methods that became copied in the industry: improvements in lighting performance as well as handling systems, speedier installation, improved safety measures and overall cost-effectiveness.

Keith sold Score Systems to industry giant Christie Lites in 1995. When he created Straight Street in 1997, his scope expanded to include corporate as well as music events. He capitalized on his broad experience to offer event design and management as well as audio-visual services. A multimillion-dollar investment in state-of-the-art equipment included specially designed protective cases and high quality cabling to ensure not only top-notch performance but maximum reliability as well, all of this delivered cost-effectively to clients.


Straight Street Today

Today every Straight Street client receives Keith’s personal attention, as well as the skilled services of Straight Street associates with years of experience. Scores of corporate clients have joined the music-event clients who have been with Keith for many years and know him to be a leading technical designer in the field.

What continues to set Straight Street apart from its competition is the quality and versatility of our staff, the product of working over the years with hundreds of widely diverse clients. From our highly skilled production and technical specialists to our newly arrived trainees, we have a disciplined and service-oriented approach that our clients continue to appreciate.

As well, as the corporate event-production market has become more complex with the rise of the Internet and the web, Straight Street has reached out to our wide-ranging professional contacts to make highly specialized consultants in social media and the web available to our clients.

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